Return Carbon reverses climate change by capturing, storing, and using CO2 in a sustainable way.

We develop carbon capture utilization and storage projects by investing in infrastructure and building partnerships with leading solution providers.

Together we create new CO2 value chains.

Latest news: Return Carbon and Verified Carbon LLC Have Joined Forces To Develop Large-Scale Direct Air Capture Projects in the US
Mineralization repurposes CO2 as a valuable resource for the construction industry.
Together with mineral-rich waste streams, CO2 is a building block of the circular economy through production pavers, bricks, tiles, aggregates, and other construction materials.
Return Carbon collaborates with technology owners to commercialize and upscale implementation of mineralization technology.

Carbon Use & Storage


Large-scale CO2 transport and subsurface storage represents a significant, critical contribution to short-term climate goals worldwide.
Return Carbon works with partners on global implementation of ambient marine transport to accelerate the storage potential.

Carbon Transport & Storage

Marine Transport

Effective carbon storage solutions for Direct Air Capture and CO2 from Bio-Energy realize true CO2 removal potential.
Return Carbon deploys integrated solutions for efficient DACCS and BECCS developments, enabling accelerated and low-risk technology implementation.
Let us help you get on track towards achieving IPCC carbon dioxide removal (CDR) goals.

Carbon Capture & Removal

Effective Direct Air Capture