Return Carbon and Skytree Start Collaboration on Development of Direct Air Capture (DAC) Projects and Realization of Negative Emissions

September 2023
Example of a DAC system

Return Carbon and Skytree, technology developer of Direct Air Capture (DAC) based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, have initiated a collaboration to realize small- to large-scale DAC projects, integrated with permanent storage of CO2, and deliver significant negative emissions. According to the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), negative emissions will be a critical measure in many of the scenarios to stay within the 1.5 to 2.0°C global temperature increase of the Paris Agreement.

DAC technology captures CO2 directly from ambient air providing a regular supply of carbon dioxide for storage or utilization, while helping to usher us toward a more sustainable future via a circular CO2 supply that allows you to transition away from fossil fuels. Skytree has developed a fully modular and decentralized technology to capture CO2 out of the ambient air via filters with CO2 absorbing sorbent.

Return Carbon will work with Skytree to develop CO2 sources for mineralization application and large-scale DAC facilities integrated with CCS project to transport CO2 to permanent storage locations in the North Sea. These projects will yield so-called negative emissions which are anticipated to be an integral part of climate mitigation actions. As McKinsey formulated in their report from June 2021, negative emissions are needed for three purposes: to offset residual, hard-to-abate emissions in industries such as cement; to lessen atmospheric CO2 if emission reductions aren't delivered quickly enough; and to remove historical emissions from the atmosphere on a path to a stable long-term climate. Return Carbon and Skytree intend to make a significant contribution to achieving these objectives.

Return Carbon is a Stecc/Return venture